Handmade Holidays Gift Wrap

Send your pussyhat friends a Handmade Holidays card!

Dear friends,

This season, I am marveling at all the human hands making Christmas and holiday magic. The work made by women’s hands has often been dismissed as less important than work made by men’s hands (see gender pay gap!). And I think there’s a misconception in believing that magic happens “out there” rather than “right here,” “under my nose,” ...
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Pussyhats and stars

Send in pussyhats for Women’s March 2019!

On this day, in 2016, just 1 day shy of Thanksgiving, the Pussyhat was launched into the world! Now, 2 years later, we look forward to the 3rd Annual Women’s March on January 19th, 2019, which will occur in Washington D.C. with Sister Marches happening all over the globe. Please take part, and let’s show the world, and particularly the ...
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Black Moon Lilith

Why Voting Is Witchy – Happy Halloween!

Psssst… Did you know? Not only are you a “nasty woman” you’re probably… a WITCH ...
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Michelle Pred Time's Up Clutch

Welcome to the Nevertheless We Vote Parade!

Today I am flying out to New York City for the Nevertheless We Vote Parade on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 at 2:30pm. I will be joining other activist-artists in a march from Washington Square Park to the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in Chelsea. You are welcome to join us! And if you’re not in NY you can follow me on Instagram ...
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The Campaign Movie Still

Host a Campaign-themed Movie Night while researching candidates with your friends: Gather your friends, Watch a hilarious movie, and Choose your candidates

The Campaign is the funniest movie with the strongest hair you’ll ever see. I love adding this movie to a candidate-research party for 2018 because in this movie, Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis are 2 candidates for House of Representatives going head to head, not 2 candidates for President! It really highlights the importance of voting during the midterms! ...
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Krista Suh's FREE Midterm Election Day Stickers

Egad! Stickers?! Text your way to ELECTION DAY VICTORY!

I’ve always wished there was a pussyhat emoji, and now there is one! The easiest way to download these stickers (FREE for you until Election Day!!!) is to be on your iPhone and click this link ...
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Vote With Me App

Easy AND 20x more effective than canvassing – a simple app called Vote with Me

Hi Friends!

You might have noticed that in all my letters to you, I pretty much assume you’re gonna vote. It’s because I know how active you are, and I know you know how important these elections are to the country and for women in particular.

My focus then, has been to see how we can all encourage everyone to ...
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Bite into Democracy

Women have been baking for elections for a looooooong time

After the Revolution, the women brought the cake to early voting sites to help “muster” votes, and it became known as election cake. Back in those days, when elite white men were the only ones who could rock the vote, women claimed their place in political culture with a monstrous cake for the masses. And while it's hard to believe ...
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Eves Apple Pie Ingredients

Eve’s Election Day Apple Pie Recipe!

This recipe is as easy as pie and is a delicious way to get out the vote!

Even if you’ve never baked before, you will find this recipe easy and feel like such a genius in the kitchen! For you more experienced bakers–use your own time honored recipes along with these design inspirations!

These are the ingredients/tools I suggest:

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