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The Pussyhat launched November 23, 2016 in anticipation and commemoration of the Women’s March on Washington. The Pussyhat formed with two aims:

1. Provide the people of the Women’s March on Washington a means to make a unique collective visual statement (a sea of pink hats) which will help activists be better heard and

2. Provide people who cannot physically march on the National Mall a way to represent themselves and support women’s rights by creating and gifting Pussyhats.

Underlying this project is the idea that in the process of making Pussyhats, participants would be connecting with each other and laying the groundwork for future political activism.

The Pussyhat is about creating a platform for people to support women’s rights and each other.
Pussyhat Creators Illustrated Portraits
What started off as an idle idea I had in the car one day has now taken the world over by storm and become THE symbol of the resistance and the women's rights movement!

A movement grows, and even the successful ones have to start somewhere

How the Pussyhat went from 1 person to millions:

1 person

November 8, 2016: So first, there was me. Utterly depressed. Wondering what was happening in this world, mourning Hilary's loss.

2 people

November 12, 2016: I was on a road trip with my family for my parents' wedding anniversary. I guess I get my best ideas in the car or in the shower. I got the idea for the Pussyhat and texted Kat Coyle, my knitting teacher, immediately (with lots of emojis!).

3 people

November 16, 2016: Jayna Zweiman (architect, activist, crocheter), joins Kat and me at The Little Knittery in Los Angeles - the knit pattern comes together! The manifesto is started! The framework is planned!

4 people

November 18, 2016: Aurora Lady comes on board to illustrate the Pussyhat manifesto and do visual branding. She helped bring "the sea of pink" to life via her illustrations - helping people see it before it became real.

5 people

November 22, 2016: Molly McKnight, just 19 years old, across the country in Reston, VA (about an hour outside DC), volunteers to handle the packages of hats to distribute at the march.

6 people

Stefanie Kamerman Photography, Community Organizing

7 people

Liz Leong PR

Millions of people

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Pussyhat Herstory Print

Illustrated by Aurora Lady, this visual depiction of how the Pussyhat went from 1 person's idea to a movement of millions is available for FREE digital download.

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A lot of people cannot believe that “the woman who created the unofficial uniform of the march” and “the woman who created the unofficial anthem” are In Real Life actual honest-to-goodness friends!
Connie Lim aka MILCK (seen here on the Samantha Bee show) is the first person I spoke out loud to about my idea, and we all know how special that is, that moment you first give voice to an idea, when it's still so young and unsteady on its feet. MILCK's song "I Can't Keep Quiet" was the viral women's rights anthem of the 2017 Women's March.