Krista Suh March for Our Lives

Evil Eye Glove

Don’t Let Our Students Get Gunned Down – Sea of Eyes March for Our Lives on March 24

Some of you might know I came up with the idea for the Pussyhat and the Sea of Pink in the car while driving up the 5 freeway on November 12, 2016, just days after Election Day.

What many people don’t know is that I had an idea, a vision, before that. It came to me in a dream, just minutes before waking up - I had a dream of a protest, a huge peaceful crowd with their hands outstretched toward the sky – each palm had a huge EYE drawn on it.

It was a Sea of Eyes.

I’ve been hanging on to that image knowing that it was going to do something, mean something. Sunday morning, I got invited to the March for Our Lives Facebook page – it is a march organized by the students of the Florida school shooting. And that’s when I knew. It is time.

I’m calling on you to help make the Sea of Eyes a reality. To make a statement that enough is enough and gun violence has to stop.

Congress needs to know that the people are watching.

If you made a Pussyhat, please make the Evil Eye Glove (pattern here). If you wore a Pussyhat, please make a donation to March for Our Lives – our students need you.

Instructional Video by Joy Macdonell

Learn step-by-step how to knit, purl, and do some embroidery while making Evil Eye Gloves. If you know how to knit and just want help on the embroidery, you can jump to around 35 minutes where the embroidery instructions begin.

Where Do I Send My Gloves?

You can bring them to D.C. to distribute at the march yourself, or you can mail them to the Woman's National Democratic Club, who have generously agreed to be the main collection point for the #evileyeglove for the March for Our Lives.

Please put each pair of gloves in a ziploc bag (to protect from the elements) along with a personal note expressing your support of these students.

Please address your packages to:

Krista Suh
c/o Woman’s National Democratic Club
1526 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20036

438/438 Pairs of Evil Eye Gloves Committed


We want to get at least 438 donations to ensure 438 pairs will be at the March for the Florida student organizers and their families—1 pair each to represent the 438 people killed or injured at school shootings from 2014-present (according to The New York Times). For each of the months listed below, each of the Evil Eyes represents someone who was shot in a school shooting. Commit to knitting that number of pairs of Evil Eye Gloves to show your solidarity with the victims of those crimes and show your commitment to pressuring Congress for reform.

1,534/10,000 Total Pairs Committed


But that's not all! We want a sea of eyes. We want thousands of pairs of eyes looking at Congress to act. We want hundreds of thousands! Please add to the Sea of Eyes by making a custom commitment.

custom commitment view commitment list

438 pairs of gloves is just the beginning.

438 is the minimum number of gloves we want to collect to show our support for March For Our Lives. But we want to collect thousands more to show Congress just how many pairs of eyes are on them right now—waiting for (demanding!) them to do the right thing.

Even if you can only commit to donating one pair of Evil Eye Gloves, your donation will add to the Sea of Eyes. Show your commitment to gun law reform by clicking the 'Custom Commitment' button below.

custom commitment

  • namePairs CommittedLocation
  • Grace clark4DC
  • Almuth2Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Alisa12Maryland
  • Jenn Fennell4New Jersey
  • Anon1Kansas City
  • Anon2Washington, DC
  • Ann Truss30Chevy Chase, MD
  • Barb Ulery6Ohio
  • Eleanore2Philadelphia
  • Celia4Bangkok
  • Beverly Hill17Burnsville, NC
  • Kelly Henley7Austin, TX
  • Steamboat Springs77Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Betsy5Seattle, WA
  • Mina3South Dakota
  • Makers' Mercantile67Kent, WA
  • Acme Post2In a World
  • Piedmont Yarn17Oakland, CA
  • Bethany Schoenfeld1Berkeley, CA
  • Sharon Wuerschmidt6Chester, VA
  • Lynn Stewart2Parkland, FL
  • Barbara Beattie1Sacramento
  • Colleen Montgomery1Burlington, VT
  • Kristen2New Mexico
  • Marie Carroll6California
  • Vicki D.1Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Heather Chanryt2Washington, DC
  • Cassidy Compton4Aztec, New Mexico
  • Nana Cat108Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
  • G C Lighthouse grandparents10Nova Scotia, CA
  • Anon2Seattle
  • Deborah Ryel3Warrenville, IL
  • Emily Taylor8Fredericksburg, VA
  • Pat Fuchs2New York City
  • Katherine Thompson5Houston, Texas
  • Robin Slattum9Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Maggie H-G10Holland, MI
  • Trich6Cary, NC
  • CW4Apache Jct, AZ
  • Quayln Stark2Kilgore, Texas
  • Mary5Chicago
  • Martha6Raleigh NC
  • Carly Wienner1NYC
  • Nicole Doebert1Appleton, WI
  • Katie Pitcher1Holland, MI
  • Craftivist180517
  • Carol Papinchak2Salem, OR
  • Leah R.1Wauwatosa, WI
  • Lucretia Jensen1Shoreline, WA
  • Rachel MacFarlane4Oakland, CA
  • Karen3-4Chandler, AZ
  • Janet Schnurlein15Hebron, IN
  • Sherry3Florida
  • Kris Paige2Colorado
  • Ann Lindsey4Chicago
  • Grace Clark10DC
  • Kay Yee2Pasadena, CA
  • Stephanie Petruso5Charleston, WV
  • Julie McCormick12Tumwater, Washington
  • Katie Schifano1Richmond, VA
  • Mariayn1Indianapolis, IN
  • Elizabeth Stratte1Redding, CA
  • Laurel1Cape Coral, Florida
  • Trish Foley2Washington, DC
  • Megan Biddle3Newtown , CT
  • Ruth3Vancouver, WA
  • Susan kennedy1Anon
  • Rachel Perla2Arlington, ma
  • Barbara Gibson2Black Mountain, NC
  • Jeane Cox-Meuser2Atlanta, GA
  • Lee Fields2Avondale Estates, GA
  • Kesten4Seattle, WA
  • Leslie Kannus1Homer, New York
  • Anne Goodwin1Ottawa, Canada
  • Sandra Taylor48Santa Cruz, California
  • Anon2Bonney Lake, WA
  • Francey Howe Welker10Los Angeles, CA
  • Nancy Lovett10Washington, DC
  • Debra Rose1Phoenix, AZ
  • Nancy Leuer1Tucson, AZ
  • Santa Barbara Pink Hat Knit Group5Santa Barbara, CA
  • Allison Ezell6Atlanta, GA
  • Beth10Aurora, Ontario, CANADA
  • Jen2Lake Geneva, WI
  • Janet and bridget4North Carolina
  • Audrey Yee1San Francisco
  • Kelley100Laconia, NH
  • Nancy Kelly2Mckinleyville, CA
  • Jessica Beres3Martins Ferry, OH
  • Jensine5Seattle, WA
  • Michele Cheung6University of Southern Maine
  • Anne9South Carolina
  • Rustic Crafters (LL)23Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Ann1Onalaska, WI
  • Virginia1Washington, DC
  • Tanya10Westchester County, NY
  • Serial Knitters Yarn Shop5Kirkland, WA
  • Holly10Santa Monica. CA
  • Allison1Decatur, GA
  • Emily6Minneapolis, MN
  • Jeanne Vaver7Sheridan, IL
  • Teri Denault5Carol Stream, Il
  • Pamela Uchida1Marathi City, Gunma, Japan
  • Knit Long Island18Roslyn, Long Island
  • Jennifer Robertson4Columbus, OH
  • Ellen Fairbrother2Southfield, Michigan
  • Alyssa Lazo1North Hollywood, CA
  • Regina2Los Angeles
  • Nora L.1Baltimore, MD
  • Anon2Gloucester, MA
  • Aimee Hagerty Johnson3MN
  • Anon3Massachusetts
  • Rachael3Washington, DC
  • Rachel Rayner1Switzerland
  • Celia9Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sue Hunt2Marin County, CA
  • M. L.2Croton-on-Hudson, NY
  • Sheila Bouck5Albany, New York
  • Marjan Hammink1Westerhaar, Netherlands
  • Katie Kimsey2San Francisco
  • Pam Robinson3DC
  • Anon1Nelson BC Canada
  • Kelly Boverman1Portland, OR
  • Sue Heitman3Rochester, MN
  • Victoria3Toronto, Canada
  • Lorraine L.10+Nova Scotia
  • Edna Torres1Pasadena, CA
  • Anita1Pacific Grove, CA
  • Eironeye1Oakland, CA
  • Elise2Hoboken, NJ
  • Cheryl Dunham1Rhode Island
  • Debra Kalmon10Oakland, CA
  • Rachel MacFarlane3Washington, DC
  • Bettina Bell1Oakland,CA
  • Charlie Sharp10Oakland,CA
  • Andrea McDermed5Portland, OR
  • Charlotte2Norwich, UK
  • Diane Tobias10Wooster, Ohio
  • Robin Messing5Bergen County, NJ
  • Yookie Lee10Annandale, VA
  • Kristina3Seattle, WA
  • Dawn Jacobson1Simi Valley, CA
  • Paula Freedman10Geneva, Switzerland
  • Anon1Rhode Island
  • Carla15Arizona
  • Katherine4Makers' Mercantile
  • Gillian3London, UK
  • Hilary Marsh2Chicago
  • Kate Barron1New Orleans, LA
  • Mieka John1Amsterdam
  • Kelley White4Weirs Beach, NH
  • Annie Modesitt10St. Paul, MN
  • Audrey Swail6+Winnipeg, Canada
  • Jenn Bernat1Mountain View, CA
  • Yvonne Moody1Southport, NC
  • Sarah Q3North Hollywood, CA
  • Diane M2MD
  • Ellen Dando1Los Angeles, CA
  • Kate Clauson1New Haven
  • Heather9Saint Paul, MN
  • Wendy Shepherd1Royal Oak, MI
  • Elizabeth1Federal Way, WA
  • Mara Puppy2Vermont
  • Kristin Kimmell2Philadelphia, PA
  • Kate Rowlands Hayes4Livermore, CA
  • Rachael shaffer50Anon
  • Anon2Connecticut
  • Teri Sabah2Portland, OR
  • Sherece Magnuson3Washington DC
  • Gwen Schnurmano1Portland
  • Carolina1Portland, OR
  • Mary10Portland, OR
  • Hilde4Maine
  • Leslie2Maine
  • Angela Stavropoulos4Denver
  • Anon2Idaho
  • The Little Knittery20Los Angeles
  • Janine Traycheff4St. Petersburg
  • Kelly3Chicago, IL
  • Jessica4Toronto
  • Ryan1TX

438 people have been shot—138 of them killed— in school shootings since 2014.

Each pair of eyes below represents a pair of gloves to be donated and worn in solidarity with the number of people injured and/or killed in school shootings that month.

jan 2014
5 Eyes
committed to by
Sheila Bouck
may 2014
2 pair of Eyes
committed to by
Lynne Kelly
june 2014
committed to by
Barbara Z. Banks
sept 2014
committed to by
Kelly Ford-Brill
oct 2014
1 Pair of Eyes
committed to by
Tracy Painter
nov 2014
committed to by
Shelley Martinez
dec 2014
4 pairs of Eyes | December 2014
committed to by
Rachel Stein
jan 2015
committed to by
Vicki Stiefel
FEB 2015
February 2015
MARCH 2015
committed to by
Nancy Gaipa
APRIL 2015
April 2015 | 8 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
MAY 2015
May 2015 | 8 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Kate Clauson
JUNE 2015
June 2015 | 1 Pair of Eyes
committed to by
Eileen Rivoir
JULY 2015
July 2015 | 4 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
AUG 2015
August 2015 | 3 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Francie Ryl
SEPT 2015
September 2015 | 12 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
kelley white
oct 2015
October 2015 | 34 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
kelley white
nov 2015
Novmber 2015 | 12 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Ann Silberlicht
dec 2015
December 2015 | 1 Pair of Eyes
committed to by
Grace Shannon
jan 2016
January 2016 | 4 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Mary Craig
feb 2016
February 2016 | 9 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Knitting as Protest
march 2016
March 2016 | 9 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Jennifer low
april 2016
April 2016 | 6 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
may 2016
May 2016 | 23 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Artemis & Antigone Loomis
JUNE 2016
June 2016 | 8 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Wiley Knits
JULY 2016
July 2016 | 2 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Melissa H
AUG 2016
August 2016 | 1 Pair of Eyes
committed to by
Deborah Poarch
SEPT 2016
September 2016 | 24 Pairs of Eyes
OCT 2016
October 2016 | 16 Pairs of Eyes
NOV 2016
November 2016 | 10 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Nancy Sabin
DEC 2016
December 2016 | 5 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Stacy Karel
JAN 2017
MARCH 2017
March 2017 | 13 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Nana Cat
APRIL 2017
April 2017 | 8 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Leslie Goode
MAY 2017
May 2017 | 7 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
JUNE 2017
June 2017 | 9 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
John Hickey
JULY 2017
June 2017 | 1 Pair of Eyes
committed to by
Judith Presson
AUG 2017
August 2017 | 4 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
SEPT 2017
September 2017 | 17 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Nana Cat
OCT 2017
October 2017 | 10 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
NOV 2017
November 2017 | 25 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Nana Cat
DEC 2017
December 2017 | 19 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
JAN 2018
January 2018 | 21 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Anacortes Resister Sisters
FEB 2018
February 2018 | 34 Pairs of Eyes
committed to by
Modeknit Yarn

Some notes about the Evil Eye Glove:

The evil eye symbology goes way back. The Evil Eye is an act of protection. But it is not just defensive, it is also an act of aggression – of willful gazing, of not turning away.

Individually, to show the eye on the palm, you can put out your hand in a "stop" gesture - as in, we must stop gun violence, enough is enough. In a group, you can raise your hands above your head to show the eyes - this is the universal gesture of "hands up don't shoot" and a reminder of how vulnerable our children are in a country with weak gun control. (Read more about the recent history of the Hands Up slogan here.)

When you send in these gloves, it will reach a student or family member or ally marching at March for Our Lives. You are protecting them with your work, showing them that they are supported, are cared for, and that they have millions of people backing them, they are not alone. Give them this gift of support, protection, and a way for them to make a huge statement together, like the pussyhat did in January 2016.

Some stuff to come:

I will be working on a felt/paper pattern downloadable on the website that will allow children to take part in making these evil eye gloves as well.

If you can contribute patterns (knit, crochet, sewn, etc), please email them to me and/or post them to Ravelry.

Please use hashtags #marchforourlives and #evileyeglove on social media. As you make the gloves post a picture of your progress to show the student organizers that we've got their backs.

Thank you so much.

Hands Up Don't Shoot

The Evil Eye Glove pattern is also available in Krista's book, DIY Rules for a WTF World.