Vote November 6th


november 6th

Can we make the tradition of voting more beautiful? More fun?

When we encourage our friends and neighbors to vote in the midterms — are we reminding them to vote, or are we also making sure they feel the glow of American pride and altruism, the fun of a personal ritual, the strengthening of community?

The resources found on this page aim to do just that. Get some tips on how to get involved from Krista's Top 3 Ways to Get Out the Vote or browse below for voting related goodies from free downloads to wearable art.

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How Bout Them Votes?
Flag and Pussyhat
Krista's Top 3 Ways
to Get Out the Vote!
Download the
Vote with Me app

Reach out to at least 5 contacts (or better yet, all of your contacts voting in races that are very close!) Texting your friends, family, and acquaintances is 20x more effective than canvassing!

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Craft (or bake) something personal to get the word out in your local neighborhood!

These apples are especially great to gift to a local coffee shop (where it can put it in a prominent place by the cash register!), a desk in a teacher’s classroom, the office breakroom, etc!


Throw a party to research candidates together, text with these special, free voting emojis (coming soon!), fill out a Voting Visualization worksheet by yourself or with friends.


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Check back here weekly to find new “goodies” to make voting this November more fun.

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