The 100 Women + POC Author Project

The 100 Women + POC Author Project



Snag a free digital download of the first set (#1-20) of beautifully illustrated bookplates.

I’ve personally been on a mission to read more books by women and people of color. And then I thought… wouldn’t it be fun to invite you all to join me?!

Over the next few months I will release 100 bookplates, EACH with a unique illustration by the amazing Aurora Lady. This is to encourage all of us to pay attention to Women and POC Authors – to give our support by buying the book and to give our respect by giving our mental space to the author’s ideas in the book.

perhaps you are a woman and/or person of color who is asked, "what can i do to be a better feminist? what can I do to not be racist?" you can tell them about this neat challenge to read 100 books by women and people of color.
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The bookplates are designed to be printed on these Avery shipping labels, or similar.

Bookplate #20

Another DIY approach:
You can also print them on regular paper, cut them out, and washi tape them to your books! Super pretty.