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Send your pussyhat friends a Handmade Holidays card!

Dear friends,

This season, I am marveling at all the human hands making Christmas and holiday magic. The work made by women’s hands has often been dismissed as less important than work made by men’s hands (see gender pay gap!). And I think there’s a misconception in believing that magic happens “out there” rather than “right here,” “under my nose,” “with my own two hands.”

wrapping paper and holiday cards

Every historic political win winnows down to human hands casting a ballot, making a phone call, hammering in a yard sign. The power is truly in our hands.

This season I want to celebrate instead of dismiss. I want to celebrate what is traditionally deemed “women’s handiwork.” I want to celebrate how holiday magic is made not by mythical “out there” elves but by our own human hands (women and men, young and old): putting the star on the Christmas tree, lighting a candle on the menorah, adding marshmallows to hot cocoa, icing a gingerbread man, and of course: knitting, crocheting, and sewing.

I’ve created a wrapping paper and holiday cards in my shop that show ALL of these cozy homey handmade actions and a few more!

The end of a tumultuous exciting year is the perfect time to take a moment and send a card to a loved one (maybe even the wonder woman who made your pussyhat!) wishing them “Handmade Holidays!”

The card says “Handmade Holidays!” on front, and inside is a message (in handwriting of course) that I’d like to pass on to you:

Wishing you a peaceful and joyful holiday and a creative new year ahead!

Holiday greeting card

Much love,

Krista Suh Signature

P.S. I admit I caught a winter cold going around, so I’m just getting back into action writing and knitting pussyhats for Women’s March 2019. You can download a shipping label and a “note to the wearer” of your hat template on my website, link here: https://kristasuh.com/womens-march-2019

The collection point address is
Krista Suh
c/o Woman’s National Democratic Club
1526 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036

More soon!