Bite into Democracy

Women have been baking for elections for a looooooong time

Voting Plus Cake Equals A Match Made In America

After the Revolution, the women brought the cake to early voting sites to help “muster” votes, and it became known as election cake. Back in those days, when elite white men were the only ones who could rock the vote, women claimed their place in political culture with a monstrous cake for the masses ...
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Eves Apple Pie Ingredients

Eve’s Election Day Apple Pie Recipe!

This recipe is as easy as pie and is a delicious way to get out the vote!

Even if you’ve never baked before, you will find this recipe easy and feel like such a genius in the kitchen! For you more experienced bakers–use your own time honored recipes along with these design inspirations!

These are ...
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Vote November 6 Pie Illustration

Krista steps into the great unknown… the kitchen (all for Election Day Nov 6th!)

When I was a kid I wanted to be cool, and in that era, it meant wearing very baggy hoodies, eschewing skirts, and scorning pink. I now realize that “cool” in a 1990s elementary school meant masculine.

My mom was not a cook nor a crafter; when I was in an 8th grade play involving ...
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Vote November 6th Fabric

What Would Eve Do? She would totally VOTE Election Day Nov 6th

Why do men hate women? Why are conservatives so eager to take away our reproductive rights, our right to choose, our rights to our own bodies and lives?

I’m no theologian, but I can’t help but wonder if it has to do with Eve. As a writer and screenwriter, I have experienced the power of ...
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Election Night Party Invitation

10 steps to throwing an easy Election Night Party

Parties change the world, I truly believe that. I’ve solved every major problem in my life with a party. Whether the problem was in love (no boyfriend), work (not enough female colleagues and mentors), or family (members not getting along) – I’ve found that each was solved by a party.

Election Day is ...
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My Voting Visualization is Already Working!

Hi everyone!

I am in LOVE with this Voting Visualization worksheet, it’s a little (super doable) thing that makes a BIG difference, and it’s fun! I am sharing my worksheet here, please feel free to share yours!

Krista's Voting Visualization

Note: in case you can’t read my handwriting, at the bottom of this post is the text ...
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TO DO: Develop Psychic Powers Before Election Day Nov 6th

Dearest friends and fellow magic-makers,

The greatest witch of our time might well be Martha Stewart.

But lest you think Martha’s got something you don’t, let me nip that misconception in the bud.

Martha Ain't Got Nothin' on You

I remember the first time I lived by myself after college and it felt like I would just get walloped by ...
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What the pink hat movement can do for Election Day Nov 6

What the pink hat movement can do for Election Day Nov. 6

Dearest Friends and Co-conspirators,

I admit that sometimes, I get really stuck on “collecting wood” rather than teaching people how to “long for the sea.”

Long for the Sea Quote

When I had the idea for the pussyhat, it was exciting to me that the steps were so clear, how to “collect wood” and the business of “assigning tasks” ...
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