Pussyhat Herstory


Illustrated by Aurora Lady, this visual depiction of how the Pussyhat Project went from 1 person's idea to a movement of millions is available for free digital download and limited edition print.

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A movement grows, and even the successful ones have to start somewhere

How the Pussyhat Project went from 1 person to millions:

1 person

November 8, 2016: So first, there was me. Utterly depressed. Wondering what was happening in this world, mourning Hilary’s loss.

2 people

November 12, 2016: I was on a road trip with my family for my parents’ wedding anniversary. I guess I get my best ideas in the car or in the shower. I got the idea for the Pussyhat Project and texted Kat Coyle, my knitting teacher, immediately (with lots of emojis!).

3 people

November 16, 2016: Jayna Zweiman (architect, activist, crocheter), joins Kat and me at The Little Knittery in Los Angeles – the knit pattern comes together! The manifesto is started! The framework is planned!

4 people

November 18, 2016: Aurora Lady comes on board to illustrate the Pussyhat Project manifesto and do visual branding. She helped bring “the sea of pink” to life via her illustrations – helping people see it before it became real.

5 people

November 22, 2016: Molly McKnight, just 19 years old, across the country in Reston, VA (about an hour outside DC), volunteers to handle the packages of hats to distribute at the march.

6 people

Stefanie Kamerman Photography, Community Organizing

7 people

Liz Leong PR

Millions of people

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