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My Voting Visualization is Already Working!

Hi everyone!

I am in LOVE with this Voting Visualization worksheet, it’s a little (super doable) thing that makes a BIG difference, and it’s fun! I am sharing my worksheet here, please feel free to share yours!

Krista's Voting Visualization

Note: in case you can’t read my handwriting, at the bottom of this post is the text of my worksheet! 😀

I was so jazzed by my to-do list that came out of the visualization, I got started right away, and who knew Paperless Post has all sorts of Election Day viewing invitations?! There are THIRTY options! I chose this a Hello Lucky one to send my friends. I might use this one as a save-the-date. 😉 I’m thinking pink…

Voting Day Invitation

Voting Day Invitation



My Visualization of Voting Day Tuesday November 6th:

The sun rises at 6:17am in downtown Los Angeles. I will have just gotten back the previous night from New York City where I marched in the Nevertheless We Vote parade. I’m normally not an early bird, but with the excitement of the day and jet lag from New York, I wake up around 7:30am and eat a yogurt for breakfast. I have already voted by mail (and if I didn’t send it off in time, I bring my mail-in ballot to any polling location – like the one in my apartment building!). I’ve sent off an email to my amazing newsletter subscribers the night before, so today I will be on social media more. I drive to my hometown and visit my grandmother (whom I’ve already made sure voted by mail – she prefers to not go to the polls, and by this time I’ll make sure all my cousins have voted too!) and start driving people to the polls (note to self: ask the Democratic candidate if they have sign ups for this). I stop for lunch at Gungjung Sulrangtang (the benefits of being home – amazing Korean soup!). I can just taste the meat falling off the bone in my galbi soup, and there are little pots of salt crystals and fresh chopped scallions at every table, which I use liberally. They have my favorite radish kimchi that day too. Sometimes I’m shy, but on this important day I make sure to hop onto Instagram Live. In the evening I’m going to watch the election results at my home, light candles (sunset is 4:56pm!) and my friend Yumi is there, as well as Aurora and MILCK and Kosha and Alissa (note to self: invite them over! Hm, what food should I have available?). I’ll order takeout from a Thai place and/or pizza. The last polls to close are 10pm pacific time in Alaska, I’ll probably send everyone home around then. We’ll exchange hugs and feel really good about all the amazing new people to enter Congress (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!) and that we are closer to protecting women’s rights and advancing our rights toward equality!


  • Talk to family about making sure they’re registered to vote (if I talk to Mom, I know she’ll handle about 75% of the family! So I’d like to concentrate on my cousins who are in their 20s and maybe haven’t voted in a midterm election before) By 10/2/2018
  • Contact Call (he’s better on the phone) Allen (Asian American vote in District 39) to see if there is a driving people to the polls initiative for November 6th By 10/2/2018
  • Make a paperless post invite for Election Day watching the GREAT results roll in By TODAY!



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Vote Newsletter

TO DO: Develop Psychic Powers Before Election Day Nov…

Dearest friends and fellow magic-makers,

The greatest witch of our time might well be Martha Stewart.

But lest you think Martha’s got something you don’t, let me nip that misconception in the bud.

Martha Ain't Got Nothin' on You

I remember the first time I lived by myself after college and it felt like I would just get walloped by events that came out of nowhere. It’s Halloween already?! Ah, where’s my costume? Omg, it’s Christmas already? Wasn’t yesterday the Fourth of July, how are we already in December?

How does Martha (or insert any woman who is just killing it) already have her themed cards? When did she get all those mailing addresses and the time to hand write them and the time to learn calligraphy? When did she have a time to do a Xmas photo of the kids? How did she get the kids to wear bows and ties?

It really actually feels like magic. And it is magic, but not the kind of magic unavailable to mere mortals. No. This is the type of magic that is available to us all.

And it’s as mundane as a calendar.

Martha Stewart (I imagine) has a smoothly running life and is prepared for all seasons, because she is PSYCHIC and knows when the seasons are coming. She then “cheats” and months ahead of time, visualizes what her world will be like 4-5 months from now. And then she works backwards of what needs to be done to get there and puts it in her calendar – she starts preparing now. This is how she manipulates time, people!


It’s the same with Voting Day. We can be psychic.
Visualize what that day will be like.
Have you already turned in your ballot? Are you going to volunteer to drive people to the polls?
Will you watch the news or listen to the radio?
Who will you call to celebrate the Blue Wave? When we flip the house blue.

And as you come out of your visualization. Breathe. Take out that calendar. And schedule it in. Prepare for that outcome you want.

Here is a VOTING PLAN you can print out and give to your friends.

And here is a VOTING VISUALIZATION worksheet you and your besties can fill out. (Visualize something good! You are powerful.)

Share what you visualize on November 6th on social media and tag me! @kristasuh
Here is an image you can use for that…

Visualize Voting Day November 6th

Share it with your friends.

Krista Suh Signature

P.S. Be sure to check out my newest blog post!

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What the pink hat movement can do for Election Day Nov 6 Newsletter

What the pink hat movement can do for Election…

Dearest Friends and Co-conspirators,

I admit that sometimes, I get really stuck on “collecting wood” rather than teaching people how to “long for the sea.”

Long for the Sea Quote

When I had the idea for the pussyhat, it was exciting to me that the steps were so clear, how to “collect wood” and the business of “assigning tasks” – the concreteness, the clarity of it all drummed up excitement in me – I heard my calling and I knew exactly what to do.

And even though droves of us were eager to knit, eager to organize, eager to “collect wood,” we all, each and every one of us, including me, longed for the sea. Didn’t you see it? Even back then? The Sea of Pink.

Sea of Pink

The Sea of Pink stood for so much that words can’t begin to capture it. Unity. Feminine Power. Peace. Strength in softness and power in playfulness. The lasting power of the handmade.

And with Midterm Election Day just 46 days away, I want to achieve the same level of unity, beauty, and awe. Can the Sea of Pink bring on the Blue Wave? Do you long for the sea, as I do?

In the coming weeks, you’ll be hearing from me about once a week with “goodies” that I hope will make the journey toward the Blue Wave in Congress more fun. You can also check out the new page on my website if you want to get to the good stuff ASAP!

In the meantime, I’d like to brainstorm with you all about the ritual of voting. When it’s time for your birthday, there is the widespread tradition of getting a cake, lighting candles on it, and blowing the candles out. It’s a beautiful tradition. Can we make the tradition of voting more beautiful? More fun? What do you do in your family when it’s someone’s first time to vote? Do you light a candle as you read through your candidates’ bios and fill out your vote by mail form? Do you have a tradition of treating yourself to a latte after you vote day-of at your polling place?

When we encourage our friends and neighbors to vote in the midterms — are we reminding them to vote, or are we also making sure they feel the glow of American pride and altruism, the fun of a personal ritual, the strengthening of community?

Are we simply letting them know where to register to vote i.e. how to collect wood, or… are we inspiring them toward a better future, instilling a longing for the sea?

Vote Candle

I’d love to know your voting ritual! You can email me at, or comment below. You can also join the conversation on my social media — Instagram @kristasuh and Facebook @mskristasuh. When you share your voting ritual (even if you are creating the ritual for the first time!) you are inspiring others to long for the sea, and heck, those who long for the sea will definitely vote.

Thanks! Looking forward to sharing more next week!

Krista Suh Signature

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