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Send in pussyhats for Women’s March 2019!

Send in Pussyhats!
On this day, in 2016, just 1 day shy of Thanksgiving, the Pussyhat was launched into the world! Now, 2 years later, we look forward to the 3rd Annual Women’s March on January 19th, 2019, which will occur in Washington D.C. with Sister Marches happening all over the globe. Please take part, and let’s show the world, and particularly the White House, that we are still going strong, and even though we’ve taken back the House (woohoo!), we’re not stopping yet – not by a long shot!

I’ve been asked by many of you to organize a pussyhat drive for the Women’s March in DC – well, your wish is my command! If you are inspired to do so, please make a pussyhat or 2 or 80 and send along to our friends at the Woman’s National Democratic Club.

Here is the address:
Krista Suh
c/o Woman’s National Democratic Club
1526 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20036

The WNDC is not only the collection point but also the distribution point. If you are going to the DC March please stop by – it is such a warm, friendly space.

As always, I invite you to tailor the experience to your liking – perhaps you’ll march in DC or closer to home, perhaps you’ll knit for DC or for the local sister march, or organize your own local drive. Please check out the 2019 Women’s March page on my site which I will be updating in the coming weeks with more info, resources, and fun stuff, including discussion points about intersectional feminism and a variety of pussyhat patterns and inspiration.

We are all evolving – as a movement, and as individuals. I hope we can gather together in yarn stores, and living rooms, and online – to discuss how we can stay in the fight and make intersectional feminism not just a buzzword but a daily action from the heart.

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