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30 Before 30

I've always envied people who had beautiful "30 by 30" lists - me? I had various scrawls over dozens and dozens of journals through my 20s. Things I wanted, lists I started, dreams I jotted down...

In the weeks before I turn 30 (on July 13th!) I've gathered a bunch of those old journals and dreams and consolidated them into one list - I am so shocked and grateful to see SO much of it has come true!

A friend of mine recently told me, "Fear of turning 30 is patriarchy." HA! So true. I am not afraid at all. Mostly because I meet dozens of women in their 30s 40s 50s 60s and BEYOND who show me that there is so much to life in any decade, and whatever age I am, I need not let age stop me, but rather, fuel me. I hope you feel the same, no matter what age you are.


Krista Suh
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  1. Travel 7 continents (check!)
  2. Get beautiful photos taken of me (check)
  3. Get beautiful photos taken of me naked (check - I hope to live to old age and release these at my funeral)
  4. Roast a whole chicken (pending)
  5. SING acapella in public (check - on I Can't Keep Quiet Day!)
  6. Get drawn by an artist I admire (check! Anthony D and Aurora Lady have both drawn me)
  7. Decorate my home in a very ME way (check)
  8. Win an Emmy or Oscar (didn't get this, but I did WORK at the Emmys, should have been more specific on my vision board LoL)
  9. Be written up in Variety (trade magazine for showbiz!) (check! I was in Hollywood Reporter, and interviewed by Variety hooray!)
  10. Be in the New Yorker (check! I was hoping for a Shouts and Murmurs piece or a fiction piece, but the COVER and Talk of the Town etc. I'll take it!)
  11. Throw a super cool house party (check! And people DANCED - without me making them LoL)
  12. Do a back flip (not quite, but I DID take circus classes and acrobatics classes so I call this a win!)
  13. Grow my hair super long (check!)
  14. Wear the perfect black tie gown to the perfect event (check! E.g. The Peace Ball in DC)
  15. Date a really hot guy (check! You know who you are hahaha… or… at least my friends know who you are, b/c I won't stop talking about you)
  16. See a tarot card reader (check!)
  1. Have a craft area and an office (check!)
  2. Have a gorgeous organized wardrobe of killer clothes (check!)
  3. Learn a few really good go-to dishes that make me appear like I'm a better cook than I am (check! This recipe is my ace up my sleeve: Thai Beef with Basil)
  4. Find a secret talent (check! I'm a freakin NATURAL at frosting cupcake roses!)
  5. Learn calligraphy (check!)
  6. Do something edgy and artistic - maybe street art? (check! Haha, yes, I was so specific on this one, huh? We'll say the Pussyhat Project is this one)
  7. Pet a tiger (check! Well, 1 jaguar, several cheetahs, my heart is FULL, they are amazing creatures)
  8. Knit a sweater (or something that is NOT flat like scarves, shawls, blankets, etc) (check!!!)
  9. Work in an art museum in a big city (check! Next step is to write a chick lit book about it)
  10. Write and sell a romcom movie (check!)
  11. Road trip (check! Did part of Route 66! And did an LA to Santa Fe road trip with Connie and Yumi!)
  12. See the Northern Lights! (check!)
  13. Date a celebrity (it counts if he's big in Europe, right?)
  14. Write a book!!!
Krista's 30 Before 30 list
  • Ann Pollack

    Thirty is Just The Beginning. The good parts are just as good (some, ahem, are better), and the bad parts don’t bother you nearly as much.

    1. You ROCK! You can cook a whole chicken...be real! A book...Bet you can do that too. I'm 73 and my best friend still wears a bikini at 72. Eat healthy/live healthy and you'll be there in 43 years!

      Love the pussyhat! I knitted one with great yarn and gave it to a friend from Seattle who marched in DC. I personally have a straw version for summer. GIRL POWER!

  • Beth j

    Love yourself and your body. No matter what you look like now you’ll be envious in ten years!

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