You Had Me at Intersectional Feminism 5×7 Greeting Card


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A riff on the iconic line “You had me at hello” made famous in Jerry McGuire spoken by Renée Zellweger to Tom Cruise. We’ve changed it to “You had me at intersectional feminism” written in a rainbow of handdrawn bubble letters on a pink background. On the inside, in colorful hand-drawn bubble letters: “From one feminist to another: Happy Valentine’s Day!” with a three little hearts scattered about for good measure against a pink background. Send to your fellow feminist in action, word, and deed who needs a lift.


5×7 folded greeting card printed on 120# Silk Cover Stock
White sealable envelope included for each card

Note: cards do not come in individual cellophane sleeves. Orders of any number of cards are packaged in a single cello sleeve.

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