Take to the Streets 5×7 Greeting Card


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I have a weird collection of brunch themed greeting cards that I adore looking at but never send – so I thought I’d make a brunch card I would actually use! This is a super fun card with a call to action – “Take to the streets!” The front of the card has an array of brunch foods (pancakes, croissants, eggs) with “Let’s Do Brunch” lettering in black, that has been crossed out with pink marker to read, “Let’s take to the streets!”

The inside of this landscape-oriented card has a lovely message. On the top portion it reads in pink, “Ever since we’ve started doing protests instead of brunch, I feel like I know you so much better.” There is a picture of a croissant, oatmeal, and tea. On the bottom portion, it reads in pink, “Whether it’s making eggs or making protest signs, it’s always fun with you by my side.” There is a picture of a sunny side up egg and 2 strips of bacon in a black griddle. Send this to a friend you wanna connect with, even just to say, “hi!”


5×7 folded greeting card printed on 120# Silk Cover Stock
White sealable envelope included for each card

Note: cards do not come in individual cellophane sleeves. Orders of any number of cards are packaged in a single cello sleeve.

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