Krista’s NY


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I'm LA-based, but will be traveling over the next few months. First stop is New York City. I used to live in New York (while attending Barnard College) so I have a ton of dreamy memories of the city. With artist Aurora Lady, I created a special MAP of my favorite places in New York!

This map features my dearest memories of the city– places that invoke curiosity and discovery. There are also places that have been infinitely supportive of the resistance. It is my deepest hope that you use this map to travel around the city and make your own memories. Please let me know via I​nstagram if you decide to go to any of them: take a selfie and tag me!

​My illustrated NY map is free to download. Get it here, and then print it out– put it in a scrapbook, frame it, or make beautiful copies and bring them to your friends at your next knitting circle. It is my gift to you.