VOTE Stickers (iPhone)


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I’ve always wished there was a pussyhat emoji, and now there is one!

The easiest way to download these stickers (FREE for you until Election Day!!!) is to be on your iPhone and click the ‘Download Now’ button below.

From there, you’ll be able to access this sticker pack in the iMessage app.

Like the best emojis, these stickers cover the whole range of human emotion.

Another man’s career destroyed because brave #metoo victims have come forward?
That calls for a sticker I call DANCING ON THE GRAVE OF PATRIARCHY.

Trump say something stupid in the news?
Use the angry pussyhat emoji.

Is there a crisis in your community?
There’s a “Let’s band together” sticker

Your sister pushed for a raise at work?
Use the affirmation sticker!

And Every. Single. Sticker. Has…
“VOTE NOV 6TH” on it. Because as you and I both know, it’s important.

With these iPhone text message stickers you can infuse this reminder in everyday life.

Don’t have iPhone? You can get access to this artwork and more via this clip art folder! Simply save the images you want and copy and paste them into your messages.

Encourage your friends to download the sticker pack as well – it’s super fun to see how long you can text with just stickers 😉

Pair these free iPhone stickers with the amazing and free VOTE WITH ME app. It’s a match made in heaven 🙂