About Krista

Krista Suh

Hi! My name is Krista Suh, and I am the gal who created the Pussyhat, which seemingly overnight became the worldwide symbol of modern feminism and the resistance. The Pussyhat has been on the cover of Time Magazine, in museum institutions around the world, and in closets and on heads of feminist people everywhere! In 2018 I released my book on creativity called DIY Rules for a WTF World, published by Grand Central Publishing – it’s so exciting to see that people are responding to my feminist creativity tips from Denmark to Cincinnati to Brazil, and even in my hometown of Rowland Heights, California.

I wear many hats: the Pussyhat of course! I am also...

  • a self help author, specializing in feminist creativity + activism
  • a YA fiction author, specializing in creating Asian American representation in stories our teenagers and teenagers-at-heart read
  • a screenwriter, specializing in romcoms about AMBITIOUS women (enough with the movies and tv shows about slacker guys, seriously 🙂 My work has been optioned by Fox, sold to feminist comedy production companies, and has led me to some of the coolest friends ever!
  • an Artist (teehee notice the capital A): My work has appeared in Art Basel Miami, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and random bathrooms in Los Angeles.
  • an app developer - I have a ton of apps in the pipeline, but the ones you probably are most familiar with are the PUSSYHAT EMOJI messaging stickers for iPhone and Android!
  • a greeting card designer - I've always been a fanatic and connoisseur of stationery, even starting my own letterpress line in my 20s (which I'll share about in a post!). Now, in 2019, I am releasing an amazing line of cheeky feminist greeting cards - new ones are coming out all the time.

Yes, it's a lot of hats, but no matter which hat I wear, my message is simple:

You Can Have It Too

So many times, I see women WANT something, and immediately talk themselves out of it. Whether it's another slice of cake, justice for rape, a spa day, work-pay equality, a glamorous life, it doesn't matter what it is, the majority of women need to hear, "You can have it too."

Your desires are not OUT there in some ethereal insubstantial place, they are RIGHT HERE, within reach.

I've spent a lot of time learning this, and now I hope to spread the message and my practices to people everywhere so that the world experiences a revolution of peace, joy, creativity, and respect and awe for femininity.

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Other Fun Ways to Help:

  1. Read my book DIY Rules for a WTF World, and/or gift it to a friend!
  2. Download iPhone and Android stickers to spread the word about voting and feminism
  3. Make a pussyhat for yourself or loved one, wear with pride

I hope you consider joining me on this journey! It's gonna be super fun - please sign up for my newsletter - my newsletters are my main way to share important news, creations, and ways we can come together to make the world better. Thank you!