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April 8th: I Can’t Keep Quiet Day in NYC

My dear friend MILCK and AG wrote I Can’t Keep Quiet, which inspired numerous performances around the world. Wear your Pussyhat as we take part in a sing-a-long flash mob for the viral anthem, I Can’t Keep Quiet.

Krista Suh and MILCK Newsletter

Pink hats unite! #ICANTKEEPQUIET on April 8th. And neither…

When I created “the pink hat project” in November with Kat, Jayna, Aurora and the millions of other women and men who joined the cause, I had a very good friend alongside me, she is the first person I spoke out loud to about my idea, and we all know how special that is, that moment you first give voice to an idea, when it’s still so young and unsteady on its feet. My good friend is Connie Lim and her musician name is MILCK. You may have seen MILCK on the Samantha Bee show () with her women’s rights anthem that went viral at the Women’s March #ICANTKEEPQUIET.