Krista Suh Knitty City

Meet and greet at Knitty City, NYC, 4:30-6pm. Let’s make some Pussyhats and get ready for the I Can’t Keep Quiet flash mob coming 24 hours in the future!

I Can’t Keep Quiet Day in NYC. My dear friend MILCK and AG wrote I Can’t Keep Quiet, which inspired numerous performances around the world. Wear your Pussyhat as we take part in a sing-a-long flash mob for the viral anthem, I Can’t Keep Quiet.

Fun fact: I’ve been taking voice lessons with Claire McKeown!

Krista Suh and Claire McKeown

I wanna see Trump’s tax returns already. Let’s do this! Learn more at

March for Science on Earth Day! We’ll be marching on Washington. Leave the beakers at home and bring your spirit and love for our Mother Earth!

Details Forthcoming
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Krista is a feminist, artist, Hollywood screenwriter, and creator of The Pussyhat Project. She's based in Los Angeles. She wants to make the world a safer place for women and to help everyone validate their own creativity, femininity, and intuition.

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